What We Can Learn from a Pest Control Business with 5-star Ratings

We can learn a lot from the most successful companies in Australia. There are a number of companies out there that seem to have done everything right from the customer service experience to the actual delivery of the service itself. The fact that some companies manage to get near-perfect reviews online is fairly astonishing. There’s one company in particular that I’ve been focusing on a lot lately, and this company has a 4.91 rating on Google, and all of the reviews seem to be 100% legitimate. How does a company get such a high rating on Google?

“It comes down to giving people exactly what they pay for,” Michael said, “And a little bit more.” Michael runs a small pest control business in the Ryde area, and has been in the business for over 30 years. The company, originally family-owned, has expanded to include employees from outside the family itself. Michael’s business goes above and beyond for customers, offering pest control that is safe for kids and pets. He uses a chemical that is commonly used in public places like schools and hospitals, and it kills dozens of different types of rodents and insects no matter where it is applied.

“It’s one of the best businesses to be into because you can see the relief on a customer’s face once you’re done with the whole thing,” He said, “And nothing’s better than seeing the stress melt away from a customer’s shoulders as soon as they know everything is going to be all right. It’s disturbing to see tons of insects and rodents running around your home. I love my job, and I like making a difference for local residential and commercial customers, especially when they’ve tried everything and it’s failed for them. With some infestations—in fact—with many, you cannot just use consumer grade poisons. The poisons you buy in-store are meant to treat small problems, but they are also highly toxic.”

What can we learn from Michael’s business? First off, he offers easy pricing for his clients. He doesn’t charge by the number of rooms in a building, but rather by the number of floors in the building. This makes it easy for a customer to call up and get a free quote, or visit the website and find out instantly how much they’re going to pay to get their problem fixed, “Unless it’s a special case, our prices are the same across the board, no matter what pest you’re dealing with. From rats to bird mites, we do it all.”

What will you apply to your business that you’ve learned from Michael’s? It’s a good idea to take ideas from other businesses when you’re trying to improve customer relations and company image.

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