License Requirements for Pest Control Companies

In starting a legal business, you need to abide the rules of the government to where you want it to build. Abiding the rules means you need to comply the very first step up until to the last one so that you can operate legally and can cater clients’ needs properly. If we are going to talk about setting up a pest control business, the government is very strict on this matter as you are dealing with chemicals and other serious materials that could harm people and the clients that would want to avail of your service. We have seen a few of these requirements so for those people who are planning to build this kind of business, you might want to check this article as your guide.

First is, you need to submit an application form. In the USA, this is called NEW Structural Pesticide Applicator License application form. You can submit a hard copy of this and you are also free to submit it online which is easier and convenient.

Second is to submit and pay the license charges and fees, Make sure to supply a proof of payment or a transaction ID as your evidence. The third is to pass series of exams of the government like Pesticide Certification Exam and Pest Control Applicator Certification Exam. Once you passed, you need to proceed to the third step, Financial Responsibility Requirements.

Also, we have some basic requirements that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Qualified Person – You must have least one person in the business that is qualified applicator license (QAL).
  2. Verified Documents – Make sure you submit verified documents so that you won’t be tagged as “fraud”.
  3. Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Make sure your business abides by the labor code of the government and that you have a sworn statement about the pay of your workers and employees.

We questioned the owner of a Pest control company in Campbelltown about a his pest control license and he told us this “Once you have obtained your licenses, make sure you keep your pest control application records in straight two years, your pesticides records for two years, keep valid permits for your materials” Why does the goverment requires these? It is because these documents are needed for your renewal. Renewal terms depends on what’s true with your country. So, make sure you keep every papers about your business so that you have something to prepare for renewals and inspections. However, most of all, make sure that your service is of good quality.

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