Integrating Pest Control with Janitorial Operations

People who clean the office, hospitals even the streets are really awesome. We salute people who clean the surroundings, making sure that public comfort rooms are of use, checking that the floors are all clean and shiny. These people are worthy of a reward. However, as time pass by some people noticed that it could be better if pest control should be integrated.

Janitor & Pest guy in one

Yes, janitorial operations and pest control in one. Some janitors are helpless when it comes to pest, so the company that they employed to, will need pest control personnel to do the job. It is a cost of money for the company and a delay of work for the janitors. So, why can’t we integrate the two of them? A person who knows how to get rid of pests and also can do the janitorial job. Nice right?!

Employing someone like that means no more money and time to waste. It’s like janitorial operations are the first line of defense when it comes to pest prevention, doing everything to ensure the cleanliness and also the healthiness. While they do the cleaning work, they can notice where are the critical areas that are suited to pest inhabitation well before they will cause a big problem. For more information on Pest control Head to Pest control Castle Hill’s website

A number of Department of Food and Agriculture Pesticide Bureaus around the country recommend three basic undertakings for a custodial team:

Reduce food sources. Trash cans should be cleaned frequently, once building’s occupants departs for home at the end of the shifts. Bags and liners should be replaced when trash cans are cleaned. Trash should be disposed properly and it should be in closed containers. Areas of the building that is where the occupants consume their food should be vacuum regularly and occupants should know how to dispose of their own garbage in an appropriate manner.

Reduction of sources of water, rodents and insects love to be in the water and moist areas, mops, damp rags, and sponges should be dry before storing. Leaking pipes, faucets and clogged sinks are a big no no. They should be fixed right away.

Reduce areas of access. Holes in doors, windows, and exterior walls should be patched as a way to prevent access. Doors should not be propped open, particularly the ones near to trash storage areas and kitchens. Paper, boxes, and alternative materials should not be stored near trash, which would mean that shelter and food are in the same area and will serve as a pest haven.
Reduce areas of access. Doors should not leave open, particularly the ones near garbage storage area and kitchens also boxes and paper should not be stored near the trash. It will become and food storage and shelter for the pest. Holes in the walls, windows and doors should be patched as a way to prevent access.


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