Hiding Places of Pests In Your Home

We are suddenly surprised why do insects appear in your home. Even though you put your CCTV on or instruct a nanny to check every corner of your home, you can never catch them. They have their own hiding places which are hard for you to find.

Hiding places

  1. Kitchen – Kitchen is one of the busy places in a house. It is where the family eat meals and enjoy having a casual talk while enjoying their food. It is the place where cleanliness should be strictly implemented since we have sensitive things here like foods that should be kept clean all the time. However, insects are also in search for food and kitchen is their happy place. They stay in our kitchens to look for food and battle hunger.
  2. Basements – Basements are usually a place for storage, trash and things not already being used. This is the favorite place of rodents, mouse and other insects for this is seldom visited by homeowners and they have a lot of hiding instruments in a basement.
  3. Garage – This is a quite similar place like basements for mouse, rodents, and rats, however, this is a very good place to reach the kitchen easily for there are entry points that would be very helpful for them to access.
  4. Bathroom – Let us keep our bathrooms clean so that termites, crickets, and cockroaches won’t stay long. Let us also keep the bad odor away by frequently cleaning it and use sprays.
  5. Trash Cans – Insects like flies, cockroaches, ants and even mosquitoes like to live and stay in trashcans as this is their source of food.
  6. Clothes Divider – The common insect that lives with clothes divider is the rat. If you notice having your clothes being torn off, there’s no one but the rat who did that. They like biting clothes and even electrical wires.
  7. Pipes – Rats and cockroaches like to live in pipes. They like to live in a watery shelter especially those pipes that are connected to the sink. There are foods that could fall off in the pipes that they consider as their food.
  8. Appliances – You will be as surprised as you would if you found ants living inside your laptop’s keyboard. I have one experience when I am eating crackers and did not notice bits of it falling off on the keyboard. I suddenly noticed my keyboard is not functioning. And so the electrician told me ants already lived there and they grow in numbers.

If you think you have a pest problem in your house we recommend you order a pest inspection and get professionals to deal with your issue.

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