License Requirements for Pest Control Companies

In starting a legal business, you need to abide the rules of the government to where you want it to build. Abiding the rules means you need to comply the very first step up until to the last one so that you can operate legally and can cater clients’ needs properly. If we are going to talk about setting up a pest control business, the government is very strict on this matter as you are dealing with chemicals and other serious materials that could harm people and the clients that would want to avail of your service. We have seen a few of these requirements so for those people who are planning to build this kind of business, you might want to check this article as your guide.

First is, you need to submit an application form. In the USA, this is called NEW Structural Pesticide Applicator License application form. You can submit a hard copy of this and you are also free to submit it online which is easier and convenient.

Second is to submit and pay the license charges and fees, Make sure to supply a proof of payment or a transaction ID as your evidence. The third is to pass series of exams of the government like Pesticide Certification Exam and Pest Control Applicator Certification Exam. Once you passed, you need to proceed to the third step, Financial Responsibility Requirements.

Also, we have some basic requirements that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Qualified Person – You must have least one person in the business that is qualified applicator license (QAL).
  2. Verified Documents – Make sure you submit verified documents so that you won’t be tagged as “fraud”.
  3. Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Make sure your business abides by the labor code of the government and that you have a sworn statement about the pay of your workers and employees.

We questioned the owner of a Pest control company in Campbelltown about a his pest control license and he told us this “Once you have obtained your licenses, make sure you keep your pest control application records in straight two years, your pesticides records for two years, keep valid permits for your materials” Why does the goverment requires these? It is because these documents are needed for your renewal. Renewal terms depends on what’s true with your country. So, make sure you keep every papers about your business so that you have something to prepare for renewals and inspections. However, most of all, make sure that your service is of good quality.

Hiding Places of Pests In Your Home

We are suddenly surprised why do insects appear in your home. Even though you put your CCTV on or instruct a nanny to check every corner of your home, you can never catch them. They have their own hiding places which are hard for you to find.

Hiding places

  1. Kitchen – Kitchen is one of the busy places in a house. It is where the family eat meals and enjoy having a casual talk while enjoying their food. It is the place where cleanliness should be strictly implemented since we have sensitive things here like foods that should be kept clean all the time. However, insects are also in search for food and kitchen is their happy place. They stay in our kitchens to look for food and battle hunger.
  2. Basements – Basements are usually a place for storage, trash and things not already being used. This is the favorite place of rodents, mouse and other insects for this is seldom visited by homeowners and they have a lot of hiding instruments in a basement.
  3. Garage – This is a quite similar place like basements for mouse, rodents, and rats, however, this is a very good place to reach the kitchen easily for there are entry points that would be very helpful for them to access.
  4. Bathroom – Let us keep our bathrooms clean so that termites, crickets, and cockroaches won’t stay long. Let us also keep the bad odor away by frequently cleaning it and use sprays.
  5. Trash Cans – Insects like flies, cockroaches, ants and even mosquitoes like to live and stay in trashcans as this is their source of food.
  6. Clothes Divider – The common insect that lives with clothes divider is the rat. If you notice having your clothes being torn off, there’s no one but the rat who did that. They like biting clothes and even electrical wires.
  7. Pipes – Rats and cockroaches like to live in pipes. They like to live in a watery shelter especially those pipes that are connected to the sink. There are foods that could fall off in the pipes that they consider as their food.
  8. Appliances – You will be as surprised as you would if you found ants living inside your laptop’s keyboard. I have one experience when I am eating crackers and did not notice bits of it falling off on the keyboard. I suddenly noticed my keyboard is not functioning. And so the electrician told me ants already lived there and they grow in numbers.

If you think you have a pest problem in your house we recommend you order a pest inspection and get professionals to deal with your issue.

Do’s and Don’ts in Conducting Pest Control

In doing critical activities, we should have a list of Do’s and Don’ts and we should be able to strictly follow them so that we can avoid possible accidents and problems. Dealing with pesticides, insecticides and different chemicals is a crucial job so we need to be vigilant and careful with the things we should do especially if there will be lots of people who will be affected if mistakes will arise. In this article, we are going to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of conducting infestations.

However if you have any doubts or are not prepared/able to correctly conduct pest control we advise you to hire a Pest Control Professional. They are trained and have all the correct equipment to complete the task and at a small price give you that piece of mind.


Here is the list:



  1. Try to prevent pests from coming – This refers to the first action of testing pest prevention. Such example for this is to remove food from the table, fix holes and cracks, make sure there is no dirt on the floor, in the kitchen and everywhere.
  2. Use safe and correct chemicals – Keep the chemicals away from children and pets. Always read the instruction in the package and use the correct and appropriate chemicals in the pest case you are dealing with.
  3. Make sure to fix and keep the pesticides and insecticides left –  Do keep the chemicals left from the operation being conducted. Kids might be able to reach them and play with them that would cause them problems.
  4. Keep all clothes and the important things – Keep those things that the family uses daily to avoid it being exposed to chemicals. Make sure to place it in a sealed bag or container.
  5.  Make sure to have a plan – You need to have and make a plan before you start the infestation so that you will be able to smoothly perform the activity without any issues.


  1. Don’t transfer the chemicals from one container to another – Only mix chemicals in a single container and avoid transferring it to another one to avoid remaining remnants that could harm a person.
  2. Don’t put pesticides in the mattress – It is dangerous if ever a person sleeps on it or made a contact with a mattress contaminated with pesticides.
  3. Don’t use big and hard baits – Pests might be having a hard time dealing with baits so make sure it is easy to deal with.
  4. Don’t just throw pest containers everywhere – Make sure you are responsible for fixing and keeping the containers and assure that there won’t be people who would be harmed with it.


Rodents Extermination

Rodent extermination is not just killing pests that are visible in your eyes. A more organized process must be done by your pest exterminator and you also to make sure all the rodents are removed and that your problem doesn’t come back. First time dealing with this problem or not, the best way is to ensure that you won’t need another exterminator in the next 12 months.

Mouse Extermination

You have many ways to conduct your mouse extermination. The old-fashioned snap traps are the most popular approach and for good reason. This is a very effective and leave the dead animals easy for disposal. If you are trying these snap traps but they’re not working, you can also try the stickier food bait like peanut butter. You need to place your traps throughout the house because mice are finicky creatures. You can double the traps to make sure your mouse extermination is a win.

Rat Extermination

Rats is an even bigger problem for the owner of the house like especially the wives. Like other rodents like squirrels, they can easily eat your electrical wirings and make your house prone to fire. If you have pets in the house, you should not use poison to get rid of the rats because rat poison can harm your pets and also by killing the rats, other insects living on the rat, like fleas, ticks and mites will find a new host and it will be another problem.
More about Trapping and Exclusion
When your traditional trap is not effective anymore, it is time for you to seek help from your trusted exterminators. You also need to discuss the removal of the dead animals in your home walls with the exterminator.
As a homeowner, you can easily deal with the immediate presence of mice or rats, but you also need to call a professional for rodent exclusion and effectively sealing the rodents entry points. Their types of equipment can help them fit through tight spaces. Mice and rats can get through a hole the size of a pencil and a quarter respectively. They can’t make your house 100% rodent free but they can catch a lot of things you’ll miss. You can also ask the professionals to use sonic devices to emit high-frequency sound waves to drive rodents from your house. It will cost you more but it will be very effective than the other ways. If you can afford them, it’s better to use this in the exclusion plan than the extermination.

Factors Affecting Pest Control Costs…

Almost all pest control agencies do have closer price ranges with regards to their services. However, it is better if we know the breakdown of the cost, right? People want to save money for it is not easy to earn it that is why most people will always search and settle for the cheapest offer. Let us try to discuss in this article the factors affecting the cost of pest control service.

Pest Control Cost Factors

  1. The entire area of your residence – Some agencies see this as a factor for their service cost. If you have a wide area, you have a wide yard, then most probably, the agency will charge you a lot.
  2.  How serious is the case – The more serious your case is, the more costly it would be for you because they will use more chemicals and exert much more effort to get rid of your problem.
  3. The distance of your residence – If your house is far away from where they are, then they should probably charge you more for their transportation expense.

Difference Between Pest Control plans

Some companies also offer pest control plans and these offers would save you more. They also have annual plans and monthly plans. You can choose from among the options that are suitable for your budget. Other costs would also depend on the treatment you’d like to be applied in your home and it would also depend on what pest attack is found in your home. Some costs vary locally. There are places where their prices are higher compared to the other. We spoke to a Pest control service in Blacktown and they said “There are quite a few factors that alter the price of jobs in pest Control, and is usually up to the experts opinion as their method of pricing is always most consistent. ”

For first application of general treatments for spiders, roaches, crickets and a lot more will cost you $50-$300. $25 to $60 for monthly applications and $30 to $110 for quarterly.

As for ant control, it will cost you $10-$50 for DIY and $100-$300 for other better treatments. For bed bug problem, the initial inspection is for FREE, however, for further inspections, it will cost you $50-$200.

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